Dogs imagination has no limits, this is a fact. What would be the fantasy world of dogs written in one sentence? We believe that this would be a world where food never runs out, where is full of dogs and where the game never ends.

Handmade Leather collar and leather leash for dog with gold dragon teeth pattern will transform your pup to a true dog lord / watchdog.

145,00 €

Handcrafted leather dog collar and leash will reminding you and your dog to enjoy lazing on the beach and splashing in the sea. This wonderful yellow-blue design will takes you and your dog to a summer trip where you can enjoy the pleasures of summer.

104,00 €

Ancient history - golden dragon was mighty creature, he was the strongest and most beautiful of all living dragons, he was the true dragon lord with glittering skin and shiny golden teeth.

95,00 €

Each dog expresses a special charm and each one is so unique and unrepeatable. Every dog knows how to wrapped his owner around the finger, but we still love them the most. This unique handmade leather collar will give your dog a touch of glamor and glow which he needs.

90,00 €

You never know from which side will flow this quick and tireless runner, always in rhythm with the wind, always one step ahead of you. With this unique collar will make your dog shine in the wind.

90,00 €

I do not see you, I can not hear you, but you run like the wind lightly over the fields. Your mighty paws carries you fast, without stopping,... when do you stop?This unique collar is designed for dogs, who are in the heart and soul runners who are constantly on the move and love the wind that blows them to the ears.

90,00 €