Paradis - Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise - For everyone paradis would be a different place to be. We could call it a place of bliss, a region of supreme felicity or delight. Paradis collars collection represent this delight and sophistication with a little bis of fashion edge that are just right for your dog.

This set is an ideal combination for big dog family, which will allows you to walk your pups on the same leash with latest fashion.

130,00 €

This uniquely made set of leather dog leash and collar will keep you and your dog always remember the sweet sins that you enjoy with your friend.

108,00 €

Do you want to be noticed? This unique set of leather dog leash and dog collar will make sure that every walk with your little cup will be something special. Let your boring walks stops and turn in to an unforgettable experience.

92,00 €

The crystal clear waters are paradise for beautiful sea flowers, colorful fish and shellfish.If we leave ourselfs, the sea will enchant us with its shapes, colors and gentle floating in the big deeps. This unique dog leather collar will enchant you by its shapes and colors and take you on a marine adventure where you will, both You and Your dog enjoy as...

90,00 €

Do you like vacation time with your pet? Everyone  wants to jump straight in to soft sand and warm waves. We find inspiration for this unique leather cover in summer adventures.

80,00 €

Leather dog leash - double. For walking two or more dogs at the same time

80,00 €