Sea, sun, high temperatures, ..., All of that reminds us of lazing on the beach and splashing in the sea. There is nothing better than walking with the dog on soft sand and relaxing while listening to the sounds of waves. Magic, isn’t it?

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Spring always wake us up in the glow of naughty colors and warm sun rays. Dogs can hradly wait to lay their paws on a green grass and play tricks with their dog friends. This unique fashion leather collar will make your dog stand out in even the most demanding  dog's club.

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CARAT Leather Balsam contains only natural components such as Jojoba-oil and lanolin as well as herbal essences and appropriate waxes. With its carefully balanced ingredients it is highly suitable for all kinds of smooth leather.

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Dog friendship is the most wonderful thing that you can experience, because he will be faithful to you, until his death. This beautiful red and yellow collar, carefully made from strong leather, will show your dog what true love means.

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This beautiful hand crafted leather dog collar with golden dragon teeth is a monument to the age of dragons and it will provide your dog with beauty and extra energy. Transform your dog in a true lord.

80,00 €

Autumn always surprise us with beauty of trees colors and fruits of autumn, we all rush to gather. This is also the time when we and our dogs start to prepair for the winter. This dog handmade collar was Inspired by nature, which every year creates thousands of different colors that shines in all its glory.

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