We mean fashion revolution, we like combinations of colors combining in one universal force and we like corageous dogs because bravery never goes out of fashion.

Set of handcrafted leather dog collar and leash will be filled your dog with more energy, which will allow him to enjoy long walks and stayed playful and happy.

145,00 €

This design handmade leather dog leash will give your dog additional energy, which he needs to be playful and happy.

95,00 €

In the magical night powerful guard dog sneaks around the corner, the ruler who is invincible and blinds every dog who look at him with his powerfull dog leather collar. Let your dog be this mighty ruler who brings all dogs to the knees and become their leader.

90,00 €

Storm is coming. This collar design will give your dog additional shock of energy, which he needs to be playful and cheerful.

80,00 €

Are you ready for shakedown?  With this handmade dog leather collar your dog will be right in the middle of EPIcenter of every Dog lover. Inspired by two separate worlds divided by tear on earth made by earthquake. One black, the second red.

80,00 €

Don't deny your dog true nature. He is alfa male, a pack leader or he just likes to look big and strong before other dogs. He is a true warrior without fear to protect you.

80,00 €