Handmade Leather collar and leather leash for dog with gold dragon teeth pattern will transform your pup to a true dog lord / watchdog.

145,00 €

Set of handcrafted leather dog collar and leash will be filled your dog with more energy, which will allow him to enjoy long walks and stayed playful and happy.

145,00 €

Dog friendship is the most wonderful thing that you can experience, because he will be faithful to you, until his death. This unique handcrafted set of dog collar and leash, the right gift for your flirty dog.

145,00 €

This set is an ideal combination for big dog family, which will allows you to walk your pups on the same leash with latest fashion.

130,00 €

This spring inspired dog collar and leash will wake up your dog in the colorful spring and warm, sunny days.

124,00 €

This uniquely made set of leather dog leash and collar will keep you and your dog always remember the sweet sins that you enjoy with your friend.

108,00 €